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EASY INSTALLATION: This antenna comes with mounting hardware that will allow you to easy and convenient installation against the plane surface like a wall. You can increase your device signals in any part of your home or office. You can easily install it by yourself.


ASSISTANCE OVERCALL: For any support, simply contact us at our customer support number 9667784598




This Patch Panel Antenna are extensively demanded now a days just because of various applications such as indoor/outdoor signal connectivity. Whenever your smartphone’s signal not connected properly or creating the surges, so by this antenna you can improve the signal quality as well as maximize the transmission signal of the mobile signal enhancer and the nearest cellular signal tower or it can connected mobile signal enhancer signal room to room and floor to floor with the help of antenna and the cable so that you can stay in touch with your colleagues, family and friends.

ABONIX Indoor 9dbi Patch Panel Antenna for Signal Booster and WiFi Router

  • Indoor wall installation 
    Match up with N female connector signal repeater

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